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Greenville Park Leadership Academy

Robotics Club Contract

Club Norms- Respect students and their belongings.  

*Always come ready for work and listen to who is talking 

*One speaker at a time 

*No bullying, teasing/making fun, or being mean in general

*No fighting, violence, or rough horse play

*Always display our core values through our actions

*Sign in and out of meetings, we exit our areas as a group, no leaving the designated areas early. We stay together in our group, even when we are not on our campus.

Expectations- These are requirements that a club member must uphold in order to gain and maintain membership.

*Meetings and Travel- Students must be able to make the time commitment for meetings and events in order to remain on this team. 

*Academics- Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Strength in math and science will be considered an asset for the student members. Report cards will be reviewed each six weeks. It will be the responsibility of the student and family to monitor academic progress and to seek remediation for grades if needed.

*Behavior- Students will exhibit positive behaviors for all club meetings and events. Students will also exhibit positive behaviors in their other classes and all other areas of our school.

*This club relies on student leadership and therefore, every student in this club has to take a leadership responsibility role(s). Students need to work on compromising skills so that our entire team will be successful.   

*Students are expected to learn and grow in a safe environment that focuses on developing the whole child. Communication is key. All students’ need an active school email and add Google Classroom section for Robotics.  Checking them 3 times per week is necessary.  

*Every student should learn programming, building, and research.  Students must be ready to help each other in a situation. 

Operations- Documentation of our meetings and accomplishments will be included in our binder. 

Discipline- 1 major office referral in ANY class is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Robotics Club.

A behavior management system will be implemented for club meetings and events (on or off school grounds). We will use the same discipline plan as the school.   

*Attendance- Students will be expected to attend school and to attend club meetings and events. Absences excused through the school office will be excused for club meetings.

Three missed meetings per semester could result in club suspension or loss of privileges.  Third missed meeting without parent communication could also be grounds for suspension. Truancy proceeding for school absences will be grounds for suspension and/or dismissal.

Suspensions for grades, attendance, or demerits last for 6 weeks. Dismissal means reapply next year. 







I have read and understand the expectations for Robotics Club membership. I agree to take responsibility for upholding the criteria in order to contribute to the strength and success of my team.


Student Printed name           Date


____________________________________   _                                         

Student Signature


I have read and understand the expectations for Robotics Club Membership. I agree to hold my child to the criteria required for membership and to support my child in meeting these criteria.


Print Parent/Guardian Name           Date


____________________________________   _                                                        ________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                               Parent/Guardian Email