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Bullying/ Cyberbullying

bullying and cyberbullying

Dear Faculty

This year GPLA will continue our Anti-Bullying program to help students report students being bullied or students who are seen bullying others. In the beginning of year paperwork sent home with every student will be an Anti-Bullying Contract to be signed by Students, Parents and Teachers. Each teacher will receive a red folder with Bullying Reporting Forms in them. Please keep one as a master to make copies as needed. Post this folder in a place easily accessible to all students in your classroom. When going over classroom procedures and rules, please
show students where the folder is located and read through this form with your students. Explain both what Bullying IS and IS NOT. We are defining Bullying as “Deliberately hurtful behavior that is repeated over a period of time.” Please emphasize deliberate and repeated. If a student reports that he/ she is teased once about her hair or called a name once, it does not fit the definition of Bullying. That type situation should be taken care of by the classroom teacher following the Classroom Discipline Plan he/she has in place. Remind the students that if a form is used, it needs to be filled out as completely as possible.

Students can turn these forms in to the main office, the disciplinarian’s office or “Bullying Boxes” between class. If a student turns one in to
you, please send it to the office. We are also working on getting lock boxes that students can drop forms into.

Thank you for helping us address this issue to create the best learning climate possible at Greenville Park Leadership Academy.


Dear Parents,

Greenville Park Leadership Academy is committed to making our school a safe and caring environment for all students. We will treat each other with respect and refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind.

Definition: Bullying is deliberately hurtful behavior that is repeated over a period of time. Bullying behaviors include the following that are repeated in person at school or over social media/ cell phones/ email:

· Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, or pushing

· Stealing or damaging another person’s things

· Ganging up on someone

· Teasing someone in a hurtful way

· Using put-downs, insults or making fun of someone.

· Spreading rumors or untruths about someone

· Leaving someone out on purpose, or trying to get other kids not to play with someone

Students at GPLA will do the following things to prevent bullying:

· Treat each other respectfully

· Refuse to bully others

· Refuse to let others be bullied

· Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied

· Try to include everyone in activities, especially those who are often left out

· Report bullying to an adult.

Teachers and staff at GPLA will do the following things to prevent bullying at school:

Closely supervise students in class and between class.

Watch for signs of bullying and stop it when it happens.

Respond quickly to all reported bullying incidents.

Consequences for violation of the Anti-Bullying Policy:

Depending on the severity and nature of the incident, GPLA will take one or more step on the

disciplinary ladder when bullying occurs. This could mean written punish work, in-school

suspension or out of school suspension depending on the student’s past behaviors.